2021 just started

Dear friends around the world,

We just couldn’t start 2021 without sending each member of this incredible organization a massive THANK YOU!!!
In one of the very darkest years of our shared existence, we have shown our brightest, together. Feeding, caring, connecting, protecting, educating and doing our best to make things better. Not just for our families and neighbors, but for hundreds of people living and taking care of our three projects in Nepal and India.
Just look at the incredible work we got done together, in twelve amazing months:

March  As Covid -19 cases soared, we joined forces for a global week of action, and raised funds for the support of the poorest of the poor in providing food, shelter and basic education–and we’re not done yet! Thank you.
October After 6 months of complete lockdown the Nepal government finally decided to slowly re-open schools around the country both in Kathmandu and also in high altitude. Since almost no tourist came to these areas during 6 months, there is no virus to be found there…But: Almost no income for the locals because of stop of trekking, tea houses, tours, too. The neediest were the children:  Because no school for six months meant hard work on the fields instead; even for the smallest…to provide crops for their families.  Now they are able to spend their time in school and preparing their future through education provided. It’s not won yet, but we’re on our way!
December After months of considerable economic damage due to the total lockdown in Nepal and India, we were able to continue the school project up in Serang on an even bigger scale. Thus, we were able to give a bright future to those who were spread around the country. From 37 pupils in March, the number of children rose to 60 in Serang and we are continuing to accept new ones since alternatives are not provided by the state. 
And the project in Kathmandu seems stronger than ever since home-schooling worked well due to our financing of computer hard- and software as well as continued training. But since prices for nutrition, fuel, gas etc. rose by 150% we’re not done yet!
And that should give us hope like nothing else. Hope that as each of us look to the future, we will never doubt what we can achieve together –because together we are capable of more than we could ever imagine.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.
Kerstin, Dominik, Thomas and the whole team of Human Care & Education

Dr.Thomas Oehler
Dominik Nowak
Kerstin Günther

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