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Seminar in Nepal (Oct. 6th-24th 2018)

It is now 10 years ago that I have been in Nepal for the first seminar (2008). Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of spirituality and happiness. This is so, at least in part, not despite, the country’s poverty but because of it. I feel that 2018 is just the right time for another „Himalayan seminar“. This amazing country where inner rewards are valued more highly than material ones offers lessons, both in personal growth and in leadership. Here the two are always intertwined. Thus, Nepal offers an almost perfect opportunity to discover and make use of your untapped potential of body, mind and soul. Nineteen days in Nepal (oct. 6th-24th, 2018) combining vigorous trekking, daily workshops, amazing mountains, great power places, staying in Serang Gompa – a Buddhist monastery at high altitude (3.200m) – and quiet time for introspection will lead you to reach again the peaks of yourself. Enjoy the lessons in leadership from the Himalayas. Enjoy a different life. I invite you to take the „path of walk and thought“ that makes us consciously happy.
My intention is to offer help and opportunities to you AND to other people. We improve our lives by improving other lives. This is why the revenue of our seminar will be entirely given to the Serang-school-project.
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Serang Primary School (Manaslu Conservation Area, Nepal)

The earthquake in 2015 has devastated several villages in the surrounding of Serang Gompa, Manaslu, Nepal. Many people have been killed, children and parents. The arable land is no longer existing and/or less fertile. Read more





Orphanage in Kathmandu and retirement home 
in cooperation with Shining Glory Church

The Shining Glory Church is a Christian protestant parish in Swayambhunath, Kathmandu and was established by Pastor Joshua and his wife Elizabeth.
In the last years the Shining Glory Church dedicated to serve needy orphans and elderly people.
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