Good Easter News

Easter is the most important feast for Christians all over the world, being a time of hope and victory over death. This is a reassuring and encouraging message, something we all need, especially in these trying and unsettling times of a global pandemic. 

Shortly before the Easter celebrations, we received hopeful and promising news from the Christian protestant parish of Shining Glory Church, our project partner responsible for running the orphanage and retirement home in Kathmandu. Pastor Joshua informed us that Covid-19 is retracting in Nepal. There are currently hardly any cases in Kathmandu and Nepal. Although the latest incidence rates seem to be on the rise again, they are far off from what Nepal has experienced last year. 

Pastor Joshua described that the orphans are doing well in school and at home, while day­to-day life and business activities are going back to normal. Schools, shops, banks and offices have reopened and even transport services have resumed operations. This is essential for the people of Nepal, as they are not being supported by a good social system. In times of economic distress. the formula is quite simple: no work= no money. 

Through the generous support of all our donors, friends and members, the light of hope is always shining, even in the darkest times of total lockdown in Nepal. Thank you very much for making this possible. 

Although our joy about the good news prevails, may I conclude this newsletter with a note of caution: 

1. We all know that the Covid-19 pandemic has not been conquered yet. With the strongly rising numbers in neighbouring India, everyone needs to continue to be vigilant.

2. According to Pastor Joshua, inflation is gaining pace and increasing on a daily basis, in particular in Kathmandu. This makes it increasingly challenging to cover the basic needs of the orphans and the elderly people. We need your help to continue to support them!

Hope is always looking to the future, while the past provides a reference point of what we can achieve together. And these achievements are impressive. Please help us to keep this hope alive and to provide a future for the needy people! 

Again, thank you.

Christoph Kohnen

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