News from Serang

Dear brother Thomas, I hope this email finds you well. 

we all knew that these two years have been hard for many people in the world by pandemics and many other disasters including recent floods in Germany and Nepal. We made fervent prayers for all the people in the world and were especially dedicated to those people who were affected by recent floods in Germany. We also made sincere prayers for all our donors and supporters for their good health and longevity. 

Back in Himalaya mountain, we have had a hard time for the last two years with the fear of pandemic but fortunately, nobody has been badly affected except some of the recent incidents. 

Recently, Covid19 has reached the remote areas of the Himalayas including villages nearby. Some villagers died from the virus and but everyone in Serang is safe including Serang School.  

Serang monastery and its community are well and continuing their studies and practices with the help of all our friends and donors. 

As for Serang Primary School, each and every student performs very well. The kids from Serang School are growing up day by day with your help and love. The classes and activities have stopped temporarily due to the Indian virus spread but soon will resume the classes. The students who have a home to go back to, have left to their house for a few weeks and ones who do not have a home or parents are still living at school. 

During the pandemic, I stayed few months in Serang. What I came to realize was, too cold during the harsh winter with no heater system. I believe that the ones who know how to look after themselves are fine but young children are having an extremely hard time. So we decided to move them to the nearest village called Bhi during the winter. Villagers have offered adequate land for schools to camp on. But some parts of the given land are not safe, we requested the Nepal government to fund the building of fencing around the land. With the support of villagers, we managed to get the full funding for building the fence and have completed building the fence around. 

Recent heavy rainfall in Nepal has brought difficulties in our area, the walking trail to Nubri Himalaya is damaged, and still did not manage to repair it because of the rainy season. The main problem now is short of necessary food. The main source of transportation to the area is the mule, due to broken trails, the mules are not able to cross the trail. So we are sending food by helicopter. Lama Pema who serves monastery is risking himself to travel to the nearest town to deliver the goods to Serang by helicopter. 

However, we are so thankful for your care and generous support. 

we wish you have good health and immense blessings. 




Nuptul Tenpei Nyima

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