Mercy And Grace Charitable Trust

COVID-19 is everywhere – even among the poorest of the poor

When extremely poor people (less than 1,50 USD income per person/day) are confronted with an almost non-existing medical care-system, and catastrophic hygiene-conditions, then the entry-door for COVID-19  is wide open.

It is under these circumstances that Dr.Thomas Oehler (HCE) and Hubertus von Schönfeldt (former military attaché of Germany in Delhi) have decided to act quickly, in order to avoid the worst: millions of people being infected and hundreds of thousands dying.

Thomas` former contact with Mercy and Grace Charitable Trust, Bapulapadu Hanuman Junction- 521105, Andhra Pradesh, India has been used efficiently and B. Madhava Rao, Founder & Trustee of the organisation have been working on a plan:

  • Produce 14.000 masks for the local population
  • Distribute and instruct them why to use them
  • Distribute Soap and teach them about the necessary hygiene-conditions to be respected

Within one week the projects has been started for the first part. Now, production and distribution of masks continues in the slums and suburbs of the near cities. All masks are produced by local women, allowing them to earn some money during the lockdown.

Since most of the agricultural workers in India have lost their jobs due to the strict lockdown, HCE has been also supporting the trust by distributing rice to the needy in order to avoid death by starving (instead of COVID-19).

Mercy and Grace Charitable Trust is operating a school for the children of the poorest who – in the reality  of India – would never be able to attend any school. Thus, they would never be able to break the vicious circle of poverty, no education, no job and continuing poverty. The school is open to children from any religion or philosophy, and not limited to Hindus as in most other schools of India.

COVID-19 Combat was the start, in order to save lives…..

All of them, Madhava and his family, Thomas and Hubertus and their families will continue helping to support the existing school as well as the extension to be built, which will contain training rooms for the children, store rooms and a little kitchen. The aim of this extension is to provide education for High School and College Level. The support is given on a case-by-case basis depending on the real needs. This applies to every project supported by HCE.

Thank you so much for your first aid in this extremely difficult situation.

Dr.Thomas Oehler