2023 Buddhist New Year greetings from Nuptul Tenpei Nyima (Abbot of the monastery Nubri/Serang)

Dear friends, students and supporters of Serang community,

On behalf of Serang monastery and Serang School, I wish you Merry Christmas and have a glorious new year in 2023.
We have been through a very difficult time in the last two years – pandemic, war and economic crisis. It is truly saddening that many people around the world lost their families, friends and loved ones. Nevertheless, we have survived thanks to our strong will and hard work. Before we celebrate the new year, we send our love and heartfelt prayers to those who are no longer with us. We also send our prayers and best wishes to those people whose hearts have been wounded by these traumatic events.

Now it is time for us to let go of all these sorrowful memories that hold us back from being present. It is time for us to cherish the precious moment we have now. It is time for us to prepare our minds to face uncertainties in the future. It is time for us to search our own purpose of being alive and make the journey of this human life meaningful.

May the new year bring peace and prosperity in your life. May the wisdom and compassion of Buddhas prevail in the world. Finally, may this Christmas and new year bring forth positive energy in all of you and fulfill your wishes. May Buddhas bless you all.

With prayers and best wishes,
Nubtrul Tenpei Nyima Rinpoche

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