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Join us to provide underprivileged children with basic education so that they can pursue a dignified life.

8 reasons why to become a member of Human Care & Education

  1. By becoming a member of HCE you will contribute to regularly supporting the 3 projects. And you will demonstrate how important education is for the poorest of the poor.

  2. Your membership fee (120 EURO/year) helps to educate almost 500 children (2021)  in Nepal and India.


  3. Only basic education can prevent people from leaving their country and coming to Europe 
    Having no education means that you cannot even read the contract you accept for working 3 years in Quatar ( of football championship stadiums) 
    Educate the children in the country instead of pushing them back at the European border…or let them die in the Mediterranean sea


  4. And: Only with basic education, people are able to find a qualified job in their home country
    Only a qualified job “protects” you from being jobless in the next crisis (Covid-19 included)
    No education, no job, no income, no future, no life


  5. Why does HCE also focus on medical and hygiene aspects, too? 
    No child should have to rely on a quasi “non-existing” public or unaffordable private medical system 
    Prevention is much better than treatments (especially in the rural areas where the next doctor is 1-2 days away)


  6. What makes HCE so different from other associations in the same field?
    The cost for administration spent is less than 5% of the money received from donors. 
    HCE is build up and run by volunteers only. Thus no salaries, no expenses for travel, etc. paid by HCE


  7. How does HCE control where the money goes and what for? 
    Volunteers on the spot regularly visit the projects
    Frequent visits from people all over the world as well as members
    Strict controlling of costs in the organization (chief treasurer is former COO of Dax-company) 
    So you are sure that your contribution goes where it is really needed!


  8. If one day you wish to go beyond the membership, feel free to contact us for more ways of sponsorship: “Patenschaften”/ Ways of Sponsorship  1. € 300,- Medizin / Health Care
    2. € 1000,00 Essen und Kleidung / Food and Clothing 3. € 500,00 Ausbildung / Education
    All figures are per child and year.