Serang Basic School

Manaslu Conservation Area, Nepal

The earthquake in 2015 has devastated several villages in the surrounding of Serang Gompa, Manaslu, Nepal. Many people have been killed, children and parents. Hundreds of orphans have been “left over” since the parents working on the fields have been washed away by landslides. The arable land is no longer existing and/or less fertile.

Orphanage and retirement home in Kathmandu

in cooperation with Shining Glory Church, Kathmandu, Nepal

The Shining Glory Church is a Christian protestant parish in Swayambhunath, Kathmandu and was established by Pastor Joshua and his wife Elizabeth.
In the last years the Shining Glory Church dedicated to serve needy orphans and elderly people.

Mercy and Grace Charitable Trust

Bapulapadu, Andhra Pradesh, India

Since most of the agricultural workers in India have lost their jobs due to the strict lockdown, HCE has been also supporting the trust by distributing rice to the needy in order to avoid death by starving (instead of COVID-19).