Serang Basic School

The 2015 earthquake devastated several villages in the vicinity of Serang Gompa, Manaslu, Nepal. Many people were killed, children and parents. Hundreds of orphans were “left over” as parents working in the fields were washed away by landslides. The farmland is no longer available and/or less fertile.

The Buddhist monks have rescued the children in need, a first step towards providing them with shelter and food. 40 children/partial orphans were taken into the monastery by the monks. Since 2015, Serang Gompa has provided food, clothing, shelter and schooling with basic education (Tibetan, English, Nepali, Mathematics, Buddhism etc.) to an increasing number of children every year.

With financial support, construction of an emergency school (wooden building) began on the grounds of Serang Monastery in 2015 shortly after the earthquake. The space for this is very limited in the monastery and so many children disrupt the organization of the monastery, which is essentially a place of meditation and retreat and NOT a care center for homeless children. For this reason, the monastery started building a brand new and earthquake-proof school near the monastery in 2018, which was completed by the end of the same year with international support from HCE.

“Ten years ago, it might have been possible to lead an isolated, agrarian life in the Himalayas. But ten years from now, even the remotest area will be penetrated by the internet and one’s livelihood will depend on the education or training that one has received.”

– Nuptul Tenpei Nyima Rinpoche

Since opening in 2018, 4 permanent teachers have been looking after 60 children. As more and more local schools in the Manaslu district are being closed, the number of children had risen to 80 by October 2021.

  After just 1.5 years of construction, the new elementary school in Bihi, District Gorkha, was inaugurated on October 22, 2023.

The inauguration of the school in Bihi for 60 children is a big step forward. The large, previously overcrowded school in Serang now has fewer children (70 instead of 110). The prescribed standards for hygiene and accommodation are being met again.

In 2024, the main focus must be on medical care for pupils, teachers and the population.

The clinic in Bihi (2,500 m) is located right next to the new school. It needs our help with the expansion. This would eliminate the need for so many emergency flights to Kathmandu and the very high costs saved on patient transportation could go directly to the school’s project.

Auch die Krankenstation in Serang (3.500 m) – zugänglich für Lehrer und Schüler genauso wie für die Mönche und Nonnen – muss dringend modernisiert und ausgebaut werden.