Advice from my heart to all our Mahasukkha Dharma friends amidst Corona Virus Epidemic

Dear Dharma friends,

In the midst of notorious Novel Corona Virus-2019 epidemic that has devastated many precious lives and now with the disease spreading rapidly across the world, including countries like Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia, the United States, and others many more. We would like to express my genuine concern and convey my heartfelt feelings to all our Mahasukha Dharma friends who are going through a difficult phase of life. 

Being a follower of the fearless Tathagata or as a dharma practitioner, the quintessential or pith of the practice is cultivating Bodhicitta mind (directing one’s thought towards wellbeing and liberation of all sentient beings at all times and in all circumstances). Meaning, if one is in the power and position to help or benefit others in real, one must always do it promptly with utmost sincerity and affection. If not, for the wellbeing of all sentient beings in general and in particular for those currently struggling with the disease and towards swift containment of this disease, it is crucial that we persevere to perform virtuous acts and refrain from unwholesomeness at all times. 

As rightly said, 
There is no better teacher than the Buddha himself,
No refuge better than the dharma,
And no fertile field better than the Sangha.

It has become ever more important that we offer our sincere prayers to all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and recite their respective mantras towards the swift containment of the disease. Accordingly, the sangha of Nubri Serang Monastery is in the process of reciting Kyabdro (refuge prayer 100,000 times); Mani (Avalokiteshvara Mantra 100 Million times); Dorje Gothrab (Vajra Armor Mantra 100,000 times); Mamo Thrukong Puja 100,000 times; and many others to follow for the same.

In doing so, we would kindly request every one of you to do the same diligently within your means and capability. 

With much love and warmest regards,
Trulku Karma Migyur Dorjee Rinpoche and Nuptul Rinpoche
Nubri Sangchen Rabten Norbuling

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