When the first lockdown forced entire educational institutes to be closed down, it has significantly disrupted every aspect of educational sectors. The 2nd lockdown was again imposed on the 29th April 2021, the deadly new variants of the Corona virus entered Nepal causing significant casualties and damages to the country. This again forced the government to respond with the close of educational institutes alongside urging educators to use incorporate innovative technologies (e.g., digital and mobile technologies combined with traditional technologies such as radio and TV) in order to provide at least some form of educational continuity. Unfortunately, there are still many schools especially in the remote areas of Nepal where such means of learning are far beyond accessible. Our school SHREE SIRANGEE GUM BA BASIC SCHOOL is one of those unfortunate schools.

This situation is the reason that we were not able to continue and teach our school’s children for the last four and half months. However, the lockdown is gradually being lifted so many schools are reopening by following all necessary measures of precautions. With all those obstacles and difficulties (monsoon season, damaged paths, etc) gradually all the kids have happily returned to continue their regular classes. Considering that the school has been closed for a very long time, all school’s children are joyfully continuing their classes.

Conducting school’s first assembly after the long close of the school

Still, the shortened year has put more pressure on both teachers and students. They need to cover a whole years’ worth of subject materials in a very short period of time. So, they are even considering extra classes. Likewise, teachers must put an extra effort with each student in every sector of reading, writing, speaking and so forth. Because our teachers clearly mentioned that the depletion of reading/writing/speaking has been seen in every kid after returning from the second lockdown. Considering all those challenges everyone is trying their best level to move forward and aiming to finish the term within the normal period.

We, the entire Serang community express our sincere gratitude for your continuous support to our school, our teachers, and children.

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