Update on Covid-19 and Serang by Nuptul Tenpei Nyima

Dear brother Thomas, tashidelek, 
I and all our community in the mountain are doing pretty well. As you know that I have gone for isolated retreat for few months in the past.  And retreat was great although everyone of you have hard time because of Covid19. However, I made sincere prayer for all of you including supporters for the monastery and Serang Primary School (the members of  HCE). I hope and pray that this difficult time will pass soon.  
Children of Serang Primary School are also doing well and they are on leave at the moment because of  virus. But none of us have affected by the virus. We are taking serious prevention. 
We are so grateful for HCE for your continue love and support for the needy children of Himalaya here.  
Your support is extremely important for us to continue the schooling and bringing changes to our community. Thus, on behalf of school children, I would like to thank each of you for your generous support and love.
I believe that many people out there are also having hard time due to unexpected disaster of this year. But Nepal will be in high risk of spreading virus since medical teams and governments are incapable of managing such an issue. We will have very high risk of financial issue as well, but Serang Children are totally  leaning on you as a benefactor, supporter and family. 
Lastly, I personally would like to thank each of you for being such a good human being. I am sending you my love and prayers. 
Specially I am so thankful to brother Thomas you and your sweet family who have been part of my family as well.
Much love and hugs 
Forever brotherhood 
Nuptul Tenpei Nyima 

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